My Quarantine Morning Routine

Quarantine is driving me crazy, and I’m sure it’s the same for lots of other people too! Although I do think it is very important to have a routine and stay organized, so for my blog today I made a short voiceover video of a little glance into my quarantine morning routine. It is a bit different than what my usual routine was before Coronavirus but I try to keep it as similar as possible. Here  is the link to the video. I hope you enjoy it and happy quarantining 🙂

Innovation Day 😃

Innovation day. A day full of science, innovation, research, and fun! Every year our school has a day that every grade participates in. Students from kindergarten to grade 4 do projects about what they are learning about in science class and students from grades 5 to 8 choose anything they want to do. Now, on to my project. I did my project with a partner – Mara. You can go check out her blog too! Mara’s Blog. The questions for our project were:

  1. Can we make a reusable hand warmer that is more environmentally friendly than the leading brand of hand warmers?
  2. Which material holds heat the longest, rice or crushed walnut shells?
  3. Which smell is preferred?

What happened through the process

First, we sewed 2 pouches and put 6 tablespoons of rice in one and 6 tablespoons of walnut shells in the other. We then put them in the microwave for one minute and right when we took them out, we could already tell that the rice pouch was much warmer than the walnut shells pouch. After we took them out of the microwave we put them on to some heat-sensing silly putty to see if the putty changed colours. It definitely did! We checked the putty every minute to see if it was cooling down and after about 15 minutes the walnut shells pouch started getting cooler. We stopped the experiment at about 30 minutes because that is when the rice pouch didn’t feel very hot anymore and the putty started changing back to the colder colour.

Survey and something to work on

We also did a survey of 15 people to see which smell is preferred, 9 ended up liking the rice smell better and 6 liked the walnut shells smell. Something Mara and I would work on next time is the sewing because the fillings were spilling out a lot. Another thing we would’ve done differently is we would’ve put the pouches in the microwave for 45 seconds instead of a minute.

Feedback from classmates, teachers, and parents

Another thing we did for this project is we made a QR code to a google form. On the google form there were questions about what they liked about our project and what they would ‘ve liked us to do better. We got 13 responses! Most of the feedback was about if we would continue on this project “what other materials would you use?” and “how could you tell the exact temperature of the pouch?” To answer the first question, I would maybe try whole corn or wheat because from our research we could see that those are the other 2 best options for the best heat retention, but not for best smell. And to answer the other question, while we were brainstorming about our project we were trying to think of a way to be able to test the actual temperature but we didn’t want to leave a hole in the pouches because we didn’t want it to explode in the microwave. So to be honest I’m not sure how we would have tested the temperature. I bet if we thought more about it we could figure something out though! Overall, I think Innovation day this year was super fun and a great learning experience! I hope you enjoyed reading through my blog post and I hope you got a short glimpse of what Innovation day is like at our school. Do you have something like this at your school too?


French Passe Compose project

Mon choix est mes vacances à Clayoquot au Colombie-Britannique. Je suis allée avec ma soeur, mon papa, et ma maman. On y est restés 4 jours et c’était incroyable! Il a eu beaucoup d’activités avec un guide. Les activités que nous avons fait été regardé des animaux comme l’ours, crabes, et balenus. Notre guide a pris les crabes et cette nuit nous avons mangé ca pour dîner.

Pendant que mes parents ont fait du yoga, moi et ma soeur avons fait un cour sur la cuisson. Nous avons cuisiné les pâtes avec les chefs.

C’était très amusant et délicieux! On avait le même chef tous les soirs et il nous a appris à moi et ma soeur. Il a été mon ami, et il a été très gentille. Un matin, il m’a demandé quel était ma nourriture préféré et je lui ai dit c’est les patates. Le prochain déjeuner, le chef est venu à notre table et m’a donné une belle assiette de 4 différents types de patates!

Une autre activité que nous avons fait est nager dans une rivière de glacier. Pendant que nous avons nagé j’ai vu un saumon. C’était effrayant mais amusant! Tout le monde a dormi dans un bel tente.


Clayoquot était tellement amusant! J’espère que vous avez aimé lire mon message!





An Old Slideshow From This Year:)

My assignment today was to show an old slideshow from this year, and explain what I needed to do for it. The slideshow I picked was from social studies. Here is a link to it:


What I needed to do for this project is, I got assigned a political party and I needed to write about it and explain what things they wanted to change and why. I did this project for the student vote that our school did, and I think a bunch of other schools in Canada did too. (Comment if you did it!) Our class made slideshows about almost all of the most popular political parties and then presented them to Grade 3 – Grade 8. After everyone presented the kids got to vote. This was just to see that if the kids voted who would win. In the end, the conservative party won for our school. Also, I didn’t do that project alone, I did it with one of my best friends Audrey. You should go check out her blog too, it is amazing! Here is the link to it:

Audrey’s blog:)



My post today is about an idiom. This is the idiom I picked to write about:

This idiom is “I’m as cool as a cucumber”. This idiom means that someone is calm and feels like he or she has no worries. The literal meaning of “I’m as cool as a cucumber” is a cucumber that is cold. I picked this idiom because it is very popular and I thought it would be kind of fun to draw.

Graph Story :)

What is my post today all about? Well, my teacher gave my class a project and she showed us a graph and she told us that we had to make up a story about it. So here you go:

This is the graph, the title is “Jake And The Race” and the time goes by minutes.



There was once a man named Jake, he was 19 years old and he had always dreamed of being in a car race. He researched the race he wanted to be in and it said that you had to be at least 20 years old to be in the race. It also turned out the race was on the day of Jake’s birthday! Finally, the day came, it was his 20th birthday! The day he could finally be in the biggest car race in the world, that he has been dreaming of forever! He got to the race with what it felt like billions of people watching him and the other racers were the people he has been admiring for so long. The race was about to start and he was in line with the other racers, everybody looking very nervous. 3,2,1! He starts racing and the first few minutes he’s going really fast and he is in about 3rd place, then he is staying the same for a few minutes then a racer starts getting super fast. No one knew how he got faster out of nowhere, but he did and Jake went down to about 6th place (out of 15). After that, the racer that sped up got tired and slowed down a bit and Jake went up. Then he stayed about the same again for a little while. Suddenly, Jake heard a noise and started to slow down. He had no idea what had happened, but then he noticed that he had a flat tire! He started going down in the rankings again. He then knew he had to step up his game and he changed his tire super quickly and he was done in less than a minute. He now had a fresh new tire, and he also managed to get some more gas in that amount of time. He was going faster than ever. He could feel the wind in his face and he just felt like he was in his happiest place. He satrted moving up again and he was back in action in 3rd place again. Suddenly the race was already over, It felt like the race had lasted for olny 5 seconds. Jake ended up in 3rd place. It was quite the ride!


I hope you enjoyed my story! Please follow my blog for more:)




My Avatar :)

That is my avatar! I created this avatar on a great site called avatar maker.

As you can see I have wavy, light brown hair and brown eyes. My parents both have black hair so I don’t really know how I got light brown hair, but everyone in my family has brown eyes. That’s me!