Middle School Retreat Reflection

The middle school retreat at OJCS is a 3 day “vacation” from school where we do a bunch of fun, exciting activities that bring us together as a community. In fact, the theme of this years middle school retreat was rebuilding community! We decided to make this the theme because we thought it was very important to start off the year like this, since last year our community was fading. The main activities for this years retreat were an obstacle course and white water rafting! I found that at the end of the retreat I was able to think of so many new memories that were made. Overall I think that the middle school retreat is such a great idea and I am so happy I have been able to participate in it!

Windows To Jerusalem Project / פרויקט חלונות לירושלים

For the past month I have been working on a project for my Hebrew class. For this project I had to write about 5 sites in Jerusalem and make activities about them. This project was very enjoyable and fun to create, but if I had a chance to do it again, the one thing I would change is write a bit more and in clearer detail about all the sites.

!כתבנו בכיתה פרויקט על ירושלים, בפרויקט שלנו אנחנו מסתכלים על ירושלים דרך חלונות. הנה החלונות שלי לירושלים

Here are my windows to Jerusalem!


I hope you liked it!/!אני מקווה שאהבת את זה

Sustainability / Grandparents Day

For virtual grandparents day this year, we interviewed our grandparents about sustainability! We asked a few questions about what it was like back then, how the environment changed, and what they do to make sure our environment is staying clean and healthy. I made a Google Slides to share some of their answers, so here it is:

Image from Pixabay

Continuing My Passion Project Online

For my passion project that I have been doing for the past few months, I have been creating google slides about mental health and printing them to put on the bulletin board in my school. Since we haven’t been in school I still wanted to continue sharing them. So here is my new version of my mental health board:



Yom Ha’atzmaut! !יום העצמאות

In this assignment we had to write a mini paragraph in Hebrew about the amazing holiday of Yom Ha’atzmaut! I decided to make a google slides with a few photos that I thought represented Israel and it’s independence day. Here is is and I hope you enjoy:

Why is Yom Ha’atzmaut important to you?

More Than Just a Grandfather


I chose to write about this topic because as you can probably tell in my memoir, my Dyeda is one of the most important people in my life. All my hard work on my memoir was very beneficial when I read it to my grandfather because he couldn’t stop smiling. He even kept telling me how he didn’t deserve it, I told him he deserves more than just this. 

My grandfather has made the most enormous changes to myself as a person because there are many differences between him and I, so he has so much to teach me. He has also made me a much more grateful person because from his past experiences he had to cherish everything, and since I am a pretty lucky girl it is easy for me to get greedy but he keeps in my place! 

So the lesson a reader can learn from my memoir is to never take the most important people in your life for granted. Also how important it is to have someone to lean on while going through tough times. If you have that person that is there with you during the hardest times, I promise they will be a part of your life forever.



Hebrew short story

In Hebrew class we had to write a little story about a picture! Here is mine:


היום אני אוֹפה עם האמא שלי. ציפּתי לזה כל השבוּע! אנחנוּ אוֹפוֹת פַּאִי תפּוּחים. לבשתי את הסינר הורוֹד שלי ואני מוכנה לאפייה! האמה שלי גם לבשה את הסינר שלה אבל שלה לבן. אנחנוּ הוֹספנוּ שתי ביצים, כוֹס קמח אחת, שתי כוסות תפוחים, וכּפית אבקת אפיה. זה נראה טעים מאוֹד! אנחנוּ הכנסנו לתבנית ושמנו בתנור. בזמן שחכּיתי,  אני רקדתי עם האמא שלי. 

The Best Vacation

In this assignment we had to draw a picture of our ultimate vacation and write about it using sensory language. Sensory language means incorporating the 5 senses in your writing which is key because it immerses the reader into the scene, experience, and/or scenario! I really like this project because I learned more about this subject and never before thought to include sensory language. Although if I could do this whole assignment again I would try to use higher level vocabulary and go into more detail.

Now here is the little poem I wrote and the picture I drew:

The sand and water splashing on my feet, the wind blowing through my hair, my surfboard in my hand, laughing with my family. The best feelings in the world. 


I can see the birds flying around and catch a glimpse of two purple birds. I hollered in surprise but my family didn’t believe me since the birds were flying past so rapidly. I can also see lots of fog covering the high, green mountains in the distance. The best sights in the world.


Everything sounded silent while I was underwater except the bubbles from the fish and my flutter kicking. The second I put my head over the water it felt deafening. The best (and worst) sounds in the world.  


After the fun few hours of surfing and playing in the water we walked to a lunch place very close to the beach. On the walk I could smell the salty water and the beautiful flowers that appear all over Hawaii. The best smells in the world.


Once we got to the restaurant I had some of my favourite foods and I shared everything with the people around me. I could still taste the salty water that I accidentally swallowed before though. The best taste in the world.

Sir Alien’s Space Cruiser 👽

For a while I have been working on a space shuttle for science class. There were many ups and downs with this assignment but I overall learned so much. I worked on a website called Tinkercad which was new to me. I decided to make an alien spaceship which I called “Sir Alien’s Space Cruiser”! You can see a screen shot of it in the google slide below. In the google slide I also wrote about the process, challenges, and strategies that I used to make my spaceship!

I hope you like Sir Alien’s Space Cruiser as much as I do! 🙂